College Football Picks Week 6 2009

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Breaking Odds College Football Week 6 Picks Record (12-6)

Saturday, 03 October 2009
East Carolina (-2) vs Marshall (Winner) ECU 21 - Mar 17
When ECU wins this game it should be by more than a field goal. -2 is a good number to take if you feel good about ECU in this game.

South Florida (-6.5) vs Syracuse (Winner) SFL 34 - Syr 20
Unless Syracuse does something out of the ordinary this weekend, South Florida should remain in control of this game the whole way. -6.5 is a good number to take in this matchup. South Florida should win by two TD's, but just in case you'll still get the green if they win by 1 TD.

Wisconin (+120) vs Minnesota (Winner) WIS 31 - MIN 28
This is Wisconsin's first road game of the season and their schedule hasn't been that challenging, yet. Prepare for a good matchup when they meet Minnesota who is 1-1 at home. Minnesota has faced a tougher schedule so far, but Wisconsin has the momentum to win this game. If you like betting underdogs, this is a good one to take.

Virginia Tech vs Duke (Over 47) (Winner) VT 34 - Duke 26
Duke may surprise you this game. Not that they are going to win by any means, but they should put points on the board at home. Duke averages 33 ppg in their first 3 games. Divide that by 1/3 when they face Beamer defense and we'll give them about 16 points total in this game. That means VT needs to score 30 points against Duke to go over the spread. A quick score at the beginning of the game and you'll be on your way to going over 47.

Alabama (-16) vs Kansas (Winner) AL 38 - KS 20
Alabama should win this game by 25. So if you give 9 points to the home team then maybe they only win by 16, but odds are that they kill Kansas by much more than that. This is a good bet.

Clemson (-13) vs Maryland (Lost) CLE 21 - MD 24
Arkansas State vs Iowa (Over 45) (Push) ArkSt 21 - IA 24
Air Force (+125) vs Navy (Lost) AF 13 - Navy 16 OT
LSU (+145) vs Georgia (Winner) LSU 20 - GA 13
Penn State (-7) vs Illinois (Winner) PSU 35 - Ill 17
Mississippi (-10) vs Vanderbilt (Winner) Miss 23 - Vand 10
Georgia Tech vs Mississippi State (+6) (Lost) GaT 42 - MSt 30
Arkansas vs Texas A&M (+2) (Lost) AkSt 47 A&M 19
Auburn (+3) vs Tennessee (Winner) Aub 26 Tenn 22
USC vs California (+4.5) (Lost) USC 30 Cal 3
Washington State (+35) vs Oregon (Lost) WSt 6 Ore 52

Friday, 02 October 2009
Pittsburgh (-6.5) vs Louisville (Winner) Pitt 35 - Lou 10
Take Pittsburgh by a touchdown in this game. They have the offense to put more points on the board, but Louisville as the home team has it's advantages. Granted the advantages aren't enough to win the game, but it may make it a little closer than if they were in Pennsylvania. The over under on this game is within 4 points of our computer predictions (57.5) and too close to call. Pitt to win by a TD is the call.

Thursday, 01 October 2009
Colorado vs West Virginia (Over 54.5) (Winner) CU 24 - WVU 35
Take the Over in the West Virginia game. This could be a closer game than predicted, but if it does get out of hand in the second half the better bet is Over 54.5. West Virginia is at home tonight. The last time they played at home they beat East Carolina by 15 and the combined score was 55. Colorado will put points on the board, but West Virginia will win this football game and the combined score should be 58 points or more.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009
Hawaii vs Louisiana Tech (-5.5) (Winner) UH 6 - LA Tech 27
Take Louisiana Tech against the spread -5.5. Hawaii has a ways to travel and Louisiana Tech is on their game. You could take twice that spread and still win!!