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Sports Betting Calculators

Before going to Vegas make sure you bookmark this moneyline odds calculator! Converts amount wagered and odds (positive or negative) into possible winnings. Works in reverse too. Enter the amount you want to win and the odds to see the amount you need to wager. Use American odds -110, +110, etc.
Amount to Bet Odds Amount to Win
$ $

The long awaited parlay calculator is here! Use American odds (-110, +200, etc.) to combine two to twelve bets. Winning total is dynamically calculated after each entry. The more bets in a parlay the higher the risk. The higher the risk the higher the reward.
Amount to Bet Odds Amount to Win

This is a great tool for those who bet the over/under. Use this calculator during the game to judge the pace of play and see if the outcome will be greater or less than the over/under line.
Over Under Pace Calculator
Away Team Home Team
Total Gametime My Pick Over/Under

Horse Betting Calculator
Coming soon.