About Breaking Odds

BreakingOdds.com provides valuable tools and information to sports handicappers. We collect the latest odds on money lines, point spreads and overunders from a well known sportsbook and compare them to our computer generated odds calculations.

The intent of the site is to give you the facts you need to get an inside edge on sporting events. You can view NFL, NCAA and MLB games and compare our computer generated lines to the vegas lines. Remember the sportsbooks are trying to match wagers on both sides of the line and they are influenced by public opinion. When they move the lines too far to one side based on these factors it creates value. The information provided on BreakingOdds.com allows you to more easily recognize and capitalize on these valuable situations. You can also view upcoming team matchups to see who is the favorite/underdog, a team's average points allowed/surrendered and other statistics to include weather, injuries, field locations and more.

BreakingOdds.com is an informational website only. It is not a gambling site and we do not accept wagers on the site. BreakingOdds.com is not affiliated or connected with the NFL, NCAA or MLB and the services provided by BreakingOdds.com are not endorsed or approved by the NFL, NCAA or MLB.

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