BreakingOdds computer calculated lines

In this post I describe how to use the computer calculated odds on to give you an insight into the best bet on each game.  Let's take a look at an NBA Basketball game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Toronto Raptors on 8 Dec 2009.  The computer calculated odds and the sportsbook's odds are shown in the graphic below.  The same type of odds are calculated and displayed for each and every game on our website.

The computer calculated odds are in grey and the sportsbook odds appear below them with a white background.  This image was taken just prior to the start of the game.

In this particular game, the computer calculated the Raptors as the favorite to win by 4 points.  The overunder was calculated by the computer at 205.5 and the score prediction was Timberwolves 101 - Raptors 105.
The sportsbooks had the Raptors as the favorite.  They have the Raptors to win by 8 points and  the overunder at 208.5.

To determine the best bets for this game, simply compare the computer odds to the sportsbook odds.  The computer calculations tell us the Timberwolves will most likely lose by 4 points or less. The sportsbook is giving us +8 for the Timberwolves so this is a good bet.  The computer's overunder is 205.5 which is less than the sportsbooks overunder at 208.5.  Since the computer's overunder is less than the sportsbook's overunder the best bet is Under 208.5.

If you like betting underdogs, the best time to do that is when the computer picks a favorite that the sportsbook has as an underdog.

The final score of the game was Timberwolves 88 - Raptors 94 for a total of 182.
The image you see below was taken after the game and it shows the winning odds highlighted in blue and the losing odds
highlighted in red.  Let's see how we did.

The Raptors won the game by 6 points 94-88.  The Timberwolves score plus the 8 points given by the sportsbook makes +8 a winning bet (highlighted blue).  The total score was 182 which is below the 205.5 as calculated by the computer, and even further below the sportsbook's overunder making Under 208.5 a winning bet (highlighted blue).

This is just an example of how you can use the computer based calculations on to give you an edge on your next sportsbook wager.  The system is not flawless, but it's been working for me and it's a nice tool to check your bets against.  Since this system isn't perfect (I don't know one that is) you must always remember to manage your money properly and remain disciplined when betting.  If you don't do those two things then it doesn't matter how accurate the computer lines are.

Before wrapping up, let's compare the computer odds against the results of each NBA game on 08 Dec 2009 to see how we did.  Our overall record for that day would have been 11 - 5.  Not too shabby.
Good luck with your next wager!!

Date: 08 Dec 2009

 Game  Spread  OverUnder
 Nuggets vs Bobcats
 Lost  Lost
 Timberwolves vs Raptors
 Won  Won
 Bucks vs Celtics
 Won  Won
 Cavaliers vs Grizzlies
 Won  Won
 Nets vs Bulls
 Won  Lost
 Kings vs Hornets
 Won  Won
 Suns vs Mavericks
 Won  Won
 Magic vs Clippers
 Lost  Lost